Polk Adds Car Amps, Speakers


Las Vegas - Polk is expanding its entry-level DXi range of speakers to tackle additional installation applications, and it's replacing its PA amplifier series with smaller, Class D amplifiers.

 The popular-priced DXi series rolled out in 2010 with 4.5-, 5.25-, 6.5- and 6x9-inch coaxial speakers, and the series will expand to include a 5.25-inch component-speaker pair, a 5.25-inch coax, a slim 6.25-inch coax, a tweeter with crossover, two 8-inch subwoofers, and a subwoofer box loaded with two 12-inch drivers.

The four new amps will replace similarly powered models but will be about half the size, thanks to the adoption of efficient Class D amplification. The four models, priced from a suggested $299 to $499, are less than 2 inches tall and less than 6.5 inches wide. Depth ranges from 8 to 13 inches.

 Amp ratings into 2 ohms are 2x275 watts, 4x200 watts, 1x1000 watts. A five-channel amp is rated at 4x115 watts plus 1x400 watts. All feature active equalization.


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