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Polaroid Ships Camera Conversion Lenses

– Polaroid is shipping a
full line of camera conversion lenses with a variety of features.

Designed to assist professionals, hobbyists and general
consumers, the Polaroid line

offers “high-quality photography
accessories, backed by a legendary brand at competitive prices,” the company said.

At the entry level, the
Studio series 58mm 2.2x Telephoto and 0.43x wide-angle lens travel kit
is made for video and still cameras. Both the 2.2x telephoto and 0.43x
wide-angle converter mount onto a camera’s existing lens, including zoom
lenses, allowing users to capture action both near and far. The kit has a $49.99
suggested retail. The two lenses come with 52mm and 55mm adapter
rings, and a 37mm kit comes with ring sizes of 30mm, 30.5mm and 43mm.

Stepping up, the Studio Series 0.3X HD Ultra fisheye lens adapter,
available in 37mm and 52/58mm, is designed for shooting extreme sports,
dramatic effects and wide outdoor scenes, the company said.

The 0.3X lens screws onto the front of any existing
camcorder or SLR lens. The lens produces a 180-degree view through a circle
that exaggerates depth, pulls nearby objects closer, and causes straight lines
to curve. It also maximizes day and night shots by providing maximum light

Available in 37mm and 58mm (which also includes a 52mm ring),
it retails for $269.99.

The Polaroid
900mm mirror lens is designed for shots focused on outdoor wildlife and sports.
It uses a combination of lenticular light refraction and reflection optics, the
same physics found in many professional telescopes. Combined with advanced
manufacturing techniques, the Polaroid
900mm mirror lens delivers sharp picture quality and less color aberration, the
most harmful factor in telephoto photography, the company said. The Polaroid 900mm mirror lens retails
for $299.