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Polaroid Releases Instant Printer/Camera

New York –


the occasion of the International CES Press Preview Tuesday to formally
introduce its latest instant digital camera and printer combination, designed
to deliver the instant gratification of the brand’s old Land cameras with the
quality of today’s imaging technology.

The Z340 ($299 suggested retail) offers the guts of a
14-megapixel digital camera with an integrated Z-ink-based printer. Z-ink is a
printing technology used by Polaroid that doesn’t require traditional inkjet
cartridges and printing paper. Instead the ink is embedded into the paper as
clear dye crystals that are activated by heat to create a nearly instant photo

 Though heftier than most
point-and-shoot digicams, the Z340 is still small and light enough to be easily
carried in a medium-sized handbag. It is equipped with a hand strap for safe
and easy portability.

Photos shot with the camera are first stored and digital JPEG
files on SD memory cards, like most digital cameras. The user can decide
whether or not to make a print on the spot to hand out to friends.

An LCD screen is added to the back of the camera to preview
images and perform quick and easy image fixes including red-eye elimination, cropping
or adding image borders.

The camera includes manual ISO and white-balance settings for
trickier shots, in addition to an Auto function for photographers who would
rather not think about adjusting the camera for the ideal composition.

The Z340 features 30 different scene modes, including Portrait,
Sunset and Backlight, among others.

The camera uses a fixed focus lens.

It comes bundled with a 10 sheets of Z-ink printing paper, each
measuring 3 inches by 4 inches. Additional paper supplies will run $20 for a
pack of 30 sheets.