PMA Briefs


OSN Enters Photo Accessory Market
Las Vegas — OSN, a distributor of digital accessories and tripods, will make its debut at PMA. The company will feature 11 variations of its digital accessory kit at the show. The DK-002 kit includes a paper cutter with metal slide bar and stainless steel rotary cutter. It can handle multiple sheets of 8.5 by 11-inch paper. The DK 002 also includes photographic paper, a mini table tripod, cleaning cloth and a Universal Digital Memory Card Case.

DigiBug Express Scurries into Online Retail Market
Las Vegas — Digibug Express will announce the launch of its Digibug Photo Service, a customizable, retailer-branded online photo service that allows retailer stores to offer a fully functional, consumer-centric Web-site that routes photo print and gift orders back to their store. Digibug Photo Service also includes membership in the Digibug Photo Network, an open print-to-retail network of photo Web sites that give customers the ability to choose their photo retailer to fulfill print and gift orders. Features of the Digibug Photo Service include unlimited online sharing and storage and express ordering.

dotPhoto Upgrades Offerings
Las Vegas — A photo-sharing and digital photography Web-site geared toward businesses and consumers called dotPhoto, announced its new 'Talking Pictures' technology, which allows users to integrate music, voice, and special effects with their digital photographs. MP3 or .WAV files of music, sounds, or voice recordings can now be added to a user’s online photo collection. With dotPhoto’s recording feature, comments can be annotated and associated with any photo using a standard PC microphone. All photos are stored on a password-protected and encrypted site.

Bellamax Revamps Retail Services
Las Vegas — Digital retouching service provider Bellamax will show off a newly refocused service suite to potential customers. Improvements include a redesigned Web site with new features and services tailored to the imaging industry. The company offers image restoration services to retail outlets that can then offer retouching to their consumers. Bellamax can repair and restore old or damaged photographs by fixing tears, stains, creases, cracks, fading, as well as improve impaired digital images. All services are completed by the next business day. Bellamax said customized retail solutions were jointly developed by the company and its partners, on a shared revenue basis.

MAGIX Bows Photo Repair Software
Las Vegas — Software vendor MAGIX introduced its Photo Cleaning Lab suite that repairs, organizes and preserves digital images. The program, available now for a suggested $49.99, offers real-time image correction, high-speed photo management, album creation, photo printing, CD archiving and an image editor. Damaged, scratched, torn or spotted photos can be repaired with the included Photo Clinic 3.0, a 24-bit image editor.


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