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PlayOn Brings Video Services To Wii U

Las Vegas – TV streaming technology company Media Mall Technologies said Thursday that its PlayOn entertainment media streaming software is now compatible with the Wii U video game console platform.

More than 45 channels of content will now be available via PlayOn on Wii U, including original core services, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon VOD.

New key additions include ESPN, ESPN 3, Comedy Central, CNN, Nick, PBS, TLC, Discovery and HBOGo (that latter is available with an HBO cable/satellite TV subscription).

PlayOn also provides access to Hulu content without a Hulu Plus subscription and allows streaming of Flash videos on the TV via the gaming system, the company said.

PlayOn software is currently available for a $39.99 lifetime license, and will deliver content from the internet to a TV, smartphone or tablet.

“The beauty of the Wii U is the tablet-like gamepad that becomes a second screen for watching video or browsing content and options. So now, instead of waggling a Wii remote, you can use the touchscreen controls to browse PlayOn channels and select from the long list of online content we’re making accessible through the Wii U console,” said MediaMall Technologies CEO Jeff Lawrence.

Users will need to have a Windows PC and a DLNA-compatible device to watch shows, movies and other media files on the TV.

PlayOn also announced that now through Christmas Eve it is giving away a free one year PlayOn subscription to Wii U early adopters.

CNN, Comedy Central, ESPN and ESPN 3, Nick, PBS, TLC and Discovery. Using PlayOn and the Wii U, users can also stream home videos and PlayLater recordings from their PCs to view on their TVs. Without PlayOn, the Wii U cannot play these online channels or home videos, even if accessed through the Wii U browser.