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Plasma Makers Form Group To Promote Format

The world’s leading manufacturers of plasma display panels have joined forces to form a Plasma Display Coalition (PDC), charged with promoting the benefits of plasma displays while correcting lingering myths that have confused early shoppers.

The body may also develop into a standards setting and testing body for plasma technologies.

The PDC’s charter members include the world’s five leading suppliers of plasma display panels, as well as finished goods — Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Hitachi and Pioneer. The group has selected long-time industry veteran Jim Palumbo to serve as president in an advisory capacity.

Membership is open to any enterprise that sells, markets or manufactures plasma TV panels, Palumbo said. A dues structure has been established and going forward additional assessments may be asked to support various coalition activities.

“Although sales of plasma televisions really turned the corner this fall, our members felt it was time to set the record straight on the benefits and advantages that plasma displays offer,” Palumbo said. “The mission of the group will be to get the plasma message out to the public in a clear and distinct way.”

He said the organization’s promotional efforts will target the grass roots of America, as well as the national media and consumer press.

Palumbo said the group is still working out its plan of action, but added that a Web site will likely be established in the near future.

Among the group’s expected undertakings will be to offer performance testing services, using key independent laboratories to be named later, Palumbo said.