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Plantronics Debuts Audio Headsets For Gaming, Music

Santa Cruz, Calif. — Plantronics is introducing a suite of audio headsets with stereo sound and new designs that will debut in the United States as the company’s latest contribution to the gaming, music listening and voice applications business.

The .Audio 100, .Audio 110 and .Audio 150 headsets are designed specifically for use with PCs, according to Plantronics.

The .Audio 100 and .Audio 110 headsets feature Plantronics’ QuickAdjust noise-canceling microphone with bendable, telescoping boom for positioning and enhanced speech recognition, the company noted. The .Audio 150 uses the company’s Flex Grip ear bud design. All three headsets also offer inline volume and mute for full control, while listening and speaking, Plantronics said. The trio will be available in September.

The .Audio 100 has closed-ear design that helps eliminate ambient noise and ensures users can enjoy dynamic stereo sound for a “full-throttle” gaming experience. The firm added it is also designed for music listening and Internet chat. Suggested retail is $44.95.

The .Audio 110 features an open-ear design with a lightweight, adjustable headband. The open-ear encourages interaction by enabling gamers to hold conversations with others near by. Suggested retail is $54.95.

The .Audio 150 is designed for the on-the-go user whose laptop functions as a phone, entertainment center and stereo, the company said. Suggested retail is $34.95.