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Pioneer Wins Plasma Patent Suit Vs.Samsung

Long Beach, Calif. – Pioneer said Thursday that a jury in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Texas voted in favor of its patent infringement suit against Samsung SDI and two affiliated companies on certain plasma display technologies.

Pioneer said the jury awarded damages totaling $59.3 million to Pioneer to conclude the lawsuit that started the fall of 2006.

Pioneer alleged that “plasma televisions manufactured by Samsung infringe two patents held by Pioneer.”

In a statement on the case Pioneer said,“This significant decision in favor of Pioneer represents recognition of the strength of Pioneer’s intellectual property rights in the field of plasma displays.”

The statement added, “Pioneer released the world’s first 50-inch high-definition plasma television for consumer use in 1997, and the world’s first 50-inch full high definition plasma display for consumer use in 2006. Pioneer will continue its basic stance of protecting its intellectual property rights.”

Spokesmen for Samsung contacted by TWICE had not returned queries for comment as this was posted.