Pioneer Recalls Car Amps

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LONG BEACH, CALIF. -- Pioneer Electronics recalled four of its aftermarket car audio amplifiers, warning that if they are improperly installed they may overheat and become inoperable.

A spokesman said amplifier models GM-X572, GM-X574, GM-X972 and GM-D500M were recalled. They have been shipping since November at retail prices starting at $170. Pioneer is asking consumers who own any of these amplifiers to contact the dealer where they were purchased for either a free repair, a swap with a different model or a refund.

“We found from a couple of our dealers, that when you install the amp in a two ohm mono configuration it overheats,” the spokesman explained. “If you take two 4 ohm speakers and bridge them, it creates the problem. We don’t recommend that type of installation, but some are doing it anyway.” He said the recall was a “precaution.”

Pioneer said is not currently aware of any injury or vehicle damage resulting from the improper installation of the amplifiers.


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