Pioneer, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, Alpine Report On Japan Facilities


New York - Pioneer Electronics and Mitsubishi reported on the condition of its facilities and operations in Japan while Yamaha and Alpine provided updates.

In a statement, Pioneer said all employees and their immediate families in Japan are reported to be safe and unharmed.

"We are obviously very thankful for this.  In addition, we have learned that Pioneer Corp. headquarters in Kawasaki and our plant in Kawagoe did not sustain significant property damage."

Due to electricity shortage in Tokyo and the surrounding areas, Pioneer said, "it [has been] difficult to maintain regular business hours.  Additionally, public transportation in the area is not yet back to its normal operating level, affecting some employees' ability to commute to and from their offices."

Mitsubishi Electric said major business operations in the Tohoku region have sustained damage as a result of the earthquake, but no significant injuries among employees have been reported.

At the Tohoku branch, located in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, "there was some damage in the office." At the Koriyama factory, located in Koriyama, Fukushima prefecture, some damage was reported and "production has temporarily ceased at this factory, which manufactures CCTVs and communications equipment. Upon confirming operational safety, Mitsubishi Electric will consider when to resume operations, while taking into account the impact of the earthquake on its manufacturing facilities."

Yamaha president Mitsuru Umemura issued a statement, saying, "We have not received any reports of injuries to Yamaha Corporation personnel. Please note that at present there is one employee of a Yamaha subsidiary that we have not been able to contact, but we are continuing to work to obtain information on this person.

"Yamaha's sales office in Sendai, Japan, and retail shops of sales companies located in the disaster area sustained some slight damage, and we have closed some retail stores and music schools in this area. The Kakegawa factory and Toyooka factory, both located in Shizuoka prefecture, are continuing normal operations," the company said.

Alpine Electronics of America said no injuries have been reported to Alpine employees at its Iwaki City global headquarters in the Fukushima prefecture or at affiliated companies in Japan. Alpine's global headquarters "suffered some damage due to the earthquake," the company said. The company is evaluating damage to its administrative offices and manufacturing plants there, and once the safety of the facilities is confirmed, operations will resume, it added.

In the meantime, the Iwaki headquarters and other local Alpine companies will be closed from Monday, March 14, through Monday, March 21.  During that time, limited personnel will continue to work towards restoring manufacturing and operations, the company said.  Alpine didn't say what the facilities manufactured. -

Reporting by Steve Smith, Joseph Palenchar and Greg Tarr


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