Pioneer Leader Navi Offered At $500


Long Beach, Calif. - Pioneer is offering retailers a promotion that reduces the street price of the AVIC-U310BT CD/navigation car radio to $500 from $600 for a limited time, said its retailers.

Pioneer denied it cut the price of its AVIC-U310BT, but said, "However, as you're aware, Pioneer regularly communicates special programs with its dealers that are then up to their discretion to make public to their customers.

Stores including Crutchfield and Car Toys are currently displaying the AVIC-U310BT at $499 or $500 on their Web sites, and several other retailers told TWICE of a promotion that runs either through either the end of September or Sept. 23, specifically.

The AVIC-U310BT caused a stir when it shipped this summer at a $600, well below the basic price of in-dash navigation from other top brands. The AVIC-U310BT, while lower in price, offers scaled-back features, such as a CD player instead of a DVD slot, and a smaller-than-average screen of 4.3 inches.

Pioneer said the AVIC-U310BT is aimed at budget-minded consumers who want music and navigation.


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