Pioneer Files Action Against Garmin


Tokyo - Pioneer said it filed a complaint against Garmin with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), alleging violation of Pioneer's navigation patents.

Pioneer seeks an exclusion order barring the importation of certain Garmin products into the U.S., and a cease and desist order preventing distribution of these products.

Pioneer claimed it has been negotiating in good faith with Garmin to license its products and that Pioneer licenses its navigation patent portfolio to other companies. Pioneer concluded, however, that Garmin has not "fairly evaluated" the value of Pioneer's patents, and "Pioneer determined that litigation is necessary in order to protect its intellectual property," said a statement.

A spokesman for Garmin said, "Garmin does not believe we infringe on any of Pioneer's patents, and we believe that these patents are invalid. We look forward to the opportunity to vigorously defend ourselves."

Pioneer previously filed a complaint on Oct. 9 against Garmin in the German District Court of Dusseldorf, also alleging Garmin's infringement of Pioneer's navigation patents.


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