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Pioneer, Elite Show Plasma TVs

Pioneer will use CEDIA to present four new high-definition plasma sets, featuring sixth-generation glass and enhanced video processing circuitry for improved contrast and black- level performance.

The units, which are all slated to ship this month, are offered in the 43W-inch and 50W-inch sizes within both the Pioneer and Pioneer Elite platforms.

The Pioneer PDP-4360HD (1,024 by 768p resolution) will carry a suggested retail of $4,500, while the 50W-inch Pioneer PDP-5060HD will offer 1,280 by 768p resolution and is priced at $6,000.

Elite models include the 43W-inch PRO-930HD (1,024 by 768p) and the 50W-inch PRO-1130HD (1,280 by 768p), which will carry suggested retails of $5,000 and $6,500, respectively.

All use a new plasma-panel design that sandwiches a crystal emissive layer between the glass and the individual light cells. The extra layer helps conduct energy more efficiently, effectively tripling the speed at which each cell can be charged and discharged, resulting in deeper black levels and sharper detail in dark scenes.

The displays also incorporate an “advanced continuous emission IV” technology that dynamically adjusts the grayscale to provide five times more detail in dark areas than previous models.

Other changes include slimmer bezels, built-in ATSC and NTSC tuners, digital CableCARD slots, multiple HDMI inputs, detachable full-length speakers, a subwoofer output and SRS TruSurround circuitry with three surround sound modes.

Elite models include a Home Gallery photo viewer, an outboard media receiver and a two-year warranty.