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Pioneer Denies Talks with Mitsubishi

Long Beach, Calif, Calif. — Pioneer said it is not in talks with Mitsubishi to integrate its car navigation business, but affirmed it is open to working with other companies in car electronics.

The response was to a Nikkei Business Daily report claiming Pioneer is in talks with Mitsubishi, Alpine and Clarion on potential collaborations.

A U.S. spokesman said, “Pioneer does have an existing technology collaboration relationship with Mitsubishi on software development for car navigation systems, and they plan to continue this relationship. As for the possibility of working with other companies, each has its own expertise, and they would consider working with each other to maximize efficiency if it makes good business sense.”

He added, “Pioneer has clearly stated that they will pursue all possible options to improve efficiency, including collaboration with other companies. But at this stage, they have no announcement to make.”

The Nikkei said Pioneer is expected to choose a partner for an alliance in automotive electronics this month.

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