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Pineapple Bows Rumble K, KW Headphone Line

Las Vegas
– Pineapple Electronics is showing its Rumble K and Rumble KW in-ear headphones
here at International CES, North Hall booth 4430.

According to the manufacturer, the headphones differ from most
others on the market because they feature “bone conduction transducers,” said
to transmit sound through the listener’s bones, rather than through the air.
Pineapple claimed the technology allows the headphones to transmit a fuller
range of sounds than most other headphones. The company also said the
technology helps reduce the risk of hearing loss typically associated with
headphone use.

The Rumble K features a frequency response range of 20Hz to
20,000Hz. The Rumble            KW offers
a frequency response range of 50Hz to 20,000Hz.

Pricing information will be available at the show.