PhotoDirector3 Steps Up Photo-Editing Game

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CyberLink recently delivered its latest photo-editing software offering a range of advanced photoediting features that give photographers image-processing tools that are easier to learn and potentially faster to use than some of the standards like Adobe PhotoShop or Lightroom.

CyberLink’s PhotoDirector3 ($150 suggested retail) offers a wealth of advanced features found in some of the other established photo programs at an attractive consumer price point.

PhotoDirector3 has the ability to manage images shot by shot or in large batches, and now includes a number of extras, such as People Beautifying adjustments, that are easy and useful in portrait retouching.

Additionally, PhotoDirector3 provides an intuitive workflow and non-destructive editing system and a new user interface that is split into five main viewing panels: library, adjustment, edit, slideshow and print.

The library also presents digital photos in an intuitive interface and natively supports more than 40 RAW file formats. Users have the ability to flag, rate, tag and apply color-coded labels to images to quickly find them again from archives.

Export and Share tools in library support batch uploading to Flickr and Facebook.

The adjustment screen allows adjusting white balance, tone, level, color, detail and vignetting in addition to cropping, masking, red-eye removal and spot removal.

The adjustment tab brings up a histogram highlighting the color tone distribution in a current photo, and an assortment of slider controls. A regional adjustment tool panel enables quick cropping or rotating of an image.

The software also provides an easy-to-find and use spot removal tool that makes fast work of removing odd dust spots and blemishes without the need for clone stamping and image layering.

Any edits are easily reversible by simply readjusting slider controls, unchecking boxes or deleting effects.

The program offers presets to save favorite effects and settings for fast adjustments to commonly adjusted issues. A number of them come preloaded, but users can easily customize them to their own particular needs.

CyberLink also provides a large number of preset adjustments created by program users on the company’s


PhotoDirector3 now includes an edit tab that provides a menu of tools, including the People Beautifiers that let editors make fast adjustments for teeth whitening, skin smoothing, wrinkle removal and so forth.

The program also provides a new watermarking feature to help control copyrights when sending images out for proof work.

A slideshow tab carries the basic slideshow creator adjustments and transition effects, aspect ratio controls, background music and slide duration. Users can automatically share the finished presentation on YouTube or store it as an AVC, MPEG-4 or WMV file.

The software’s print tab offers a variety of customization options, allowing manipulation of things like dimensions and print.

For those who need make quick prints, the software enables dragging photo files from a photo tray directly onto the print preview.

PhotoDirector3’s also enables applying a complete range of adjustments to a targeted area of an image with a fine-tuned adjustment brush, adjustment selection tool and gradient mask, including intensifying the color or sharpening details, without touching the rest of the photo.


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