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Photo Site Offers 5-Cent Prints

Dallas — In a bid to undercut the print prices of established players, a new print-based Web site,, will sell 4-inch by 6-inch prints for $0.05.

The site is already established in Europe, but is marking its U.S. debut with 50 free 4- by 6-inch prints for new registrants. The site charges $0.12 per 5- by 7-inch and $0.36 cents for an 8- by 12-inch print.

In addition to prints, the site allows users to create albums, calendars, postcards and greeting cards, calendars and the like. The site lets users email a “pocket photo album” that opens a Flash-interface for scrolling through virtual photo book pages. Recipients can place an order for a hard copy photo book as well, the company said.

The company is also offering free, full-resolution photo storage.