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Phorus Offers Dads & Grads Bundles

Calabasas, Calif. — Phorus is running a Dads and Grads special on its PS1 speaker and PR1 receiver.

The Phorus audio products (bundled as a wireless speaker, receiver and an app) are designed to turn any Android device into a whole-home audio hub.

 On a stand-alone basis, the PS1 speaker retails for $199, and the PR1 receiver retails for $149. The Dads and Grads promotional discounts, which run until June 16 and only on the Phorus website, are as follows:

 • two PS1 speakers and one Phorus PR1 receiver, $399;

• two PS1 speakers, $349; and

• one PS1 speaker and one PR1 receiver, $299.