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Phorus Adds Play-Fi Receiver

LAS VEGAS – Phorus, the DTS subsidiary, is announcing the wireless PR5 receiver with DTS Play-Fi technology at a suggested $149. It is expected to be available in the second quarter to replace the company’s PR1 receiver, also $149.

The PR5 and its predecessor are designed to add to existing sound systems to make them part of a Play-Fi multi-room, multizone wirelessaudio system.

Phorus also markets the $199 PS1 speaker, an all-in-one wireless home audio speaker. Like the PR1 and PR5, it is compatible with iOS and Android, and features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming capabilities.

Building on the features of its predecessor, the PR5 adds dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, a more powerful processor, and AptX and AAC support for Bluetooth audio streaming.

Phorus Play-Fi systems are controlled by a free app running on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as on Kindle Fire tablets and the Barnes & Noble Nook. Play-Fi software is coming soon for Windows PCs.

The app streams music from the device’s music library, Pandora, vTuner internet radio stations, and networked computers and NAS drives equipped with DLNA server capability.

The PR5, PR1 and PS1 also supports direct Bluetooth streaming from any device and direct Wi-Fi streaming from iTunes on Mac OSX and Windows.

DTS is licensing Play-Fi technology to other companies for use in table speakers or embedded in such audio products as A/V receivers.