Phoenix Gold Adds OEM-Integration Amp

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Clearwater, Fla. -

Phoenix Gold

teamed up with Pacific Accessory (PAC) to develop a new OEM-integration amplifier in a Camaro. 

The new amplifier can replace a factory amplifier, plugs into the OEM wiring harness, and retains all factory electronics features, including factory steering-wheel controls, head unit functionality, Bluetooth, OnStar and chime functions, the company announced.

The product will be demonstrated at January's International CES. Pricing wasn't available.

The only other wires that installers must connect other than a plug-in connection to a factory wiring harness are power and ground wires. The amp makes it unnecessary to hunt for and splice into data and computer control wires with what the company called "a patchwork of band-aid black-box solutions." The latter solution, a spokesperson said, "leads to a greater possibility of damaging components of the vehicle and, most importantly, loosing many key OEM features and functions."

Because the installation is reversible, Phoenix Gold said, it's suitable for leased vehicles, and consumers who purchase their cars can easily remove the amp when they sell their vehicle.

The amplifier's built-in signal processing (DSP) system uses multiple preconfigured settings to optimize sound quality.


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