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Philips Unveils Green Tick Project

Amsterdam, The Netherlands — Philips Electronics said it has developed a new logo, called the Philips Green Tick, to provide consumers with an easy way of identifying its environmentally friendly products.

Products carrying the logo “will have significantly better energy efficiency than the nearest competitor products in the same category as well as having other environmental benefits such as the use of flame retardant materials,” the company said in statement announcing the program.

The Philips Green Tick logo is another step forward towards helping consumers make informed environmental choices and is a part of Philips’ long-running EcoDesign program,” Philips said.

Philips launched an EcoDesign initiative in 1994 in order to reduce the environmental impact of its products. Given the growing need for environmental change, the Philips Green Tick program provides consumers with more information for purchasing consumer electronics products.

The Philips Green Tick logo only applies to Green Flagship products in the consumer electronics portfolio, all of which are annually certified by external auditors, the company said.

Currently, seven of Philips’ Flat TVs carry the Green Tick logo with a target of doubling the number to 14 by the end of 2007.

Throughout 2007, the company will continue to increase the range of Green Tick consumer electronics products to include DVD recorders, home theater systems, wireless solutions, portable accessories and other consumer electronic devices.

The Green Tick logo began launching into retail outlets in April 2007 across Europe, North America and Asia.

Recent research has found that Philips’ Green Tick products outperform competition in energy efficiency. When watching television or a favorite DVD with a Philips Green Tick product, consumers consume less energy than with competitor products.

“Philips is committed to being a responsible industry leader and helping consumers find more energy-efficient lifestyles through increasingly advanced products and better information,” stated Rudy Provoost, Philips Consumer Electronics CEO. “Our Green Tick logo provides consumers with an easy way to identify products enabling an informed purchasing decision.”

Philips was awarded a CES 2007 Innovations Award for Eco-Design for the 42PF9731D LCD Flat TV. The model offers consumers environmental benefits including 28 percent less energy consumption than competitors’ models and the elimination of six hazardous substances.