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Philips TVs Target Value, Connectivity

LAS VEGAS — P&F USA continues to put its emphasis on offering high value in its 2014 LCD TV lines, and is expanding its offerings in compact pico projectors for mobile entertainment lovers.

This year the company will offer four basic model series and a broad lineup of screen sizes, including new 49-, 58- and 65-inch sizes (the latter coming in the back half of the year).

The line includes 28-, 32-, 39-, 40-, 46, 47-, 49-, 50-, 55-, 58- and 65-inch TVs.

Backlighting shifts to all direct-backlit LED technology across the board, from a mix of direct-backlit and edge-lit LED a year ago, and new cosmetics include thinner bezel designs.

Also this year, more of Philips’ step-up TVs include smart-TV functionality and will have a built-in suite of streaming apps and Cloud-based services. All models with screens larger than 32 inches will have connectivity.

Among the pre-installed key services will be: Netflix, Vudu, TargetTicket and YouTube. Models also include MediaConnect, enabling a PC connection for streaming.

“What we’ve tried to do is position ourselves smartly in the television business this year,” said Todd Richardson, P&F USA sales and marketing senior VP, adding that the majority of consumers today are looking for value in TV purchases.

Among the highlights is the 5708-series LED LCD TV line offering an ultra-thin design, 120Hz refresh rate, FullHD 1080p resolution, Advanced Picture Settings, three HDMI ports with Easylink, DTS Tru- Surround and Dolby Digital Plus support. Screen sizes include: 32, 39, 40, 47 and 50 inches.

The 4509-series will include the 32-inch 32PFL3509 ($249 suggested retail), which omits connectivity.

A limited distribution 40-inch 40PFL4709 ($379) model without connectivity will be offered for special distribution.

The 4909 series ships in the spring and adds smart TV functionality. Models include the 28PFL4909 ($229), 32PFL4909 ($269), 40PFL4909 ($399), 49PFL4909 ($549), 55PFL4909 ($749), 58PFL4909 ($899) and 65PFL4909 ($1,299).

The 5000 series is due to be refreshed in August, and a 7000 series with full-array LED backlighting and other features to be announced later is being considered for a second-half introduction, the company said.

Meanwhile, P&F USA is expanding its lineup of DLP pico projectors, here, and is showcasing a prototype 720p HD DLP short-throw home cinema model for possible introduction later in the year.

The company is adding a PicoPix PPX2340 (available now at a $299 suggested retail) with integrated 2GB of memory, two hours of battery life per charge, a 1-watt internal speaker, 40 lumens of brightness, up to a 60-inch screen size, USB port, MiniHDMI A/V input jack and the ability to mirror PC display content with a simple connection.

The unit also integrates a simple Android-like media player OS to play music, movies and still images and LED lighting. Resolution is 640 by 460.

The PPX3410 (launching in April $449) offers much of the same capability but features a little larger body, which deepens the sound of the internal speaker, and 4GB of internal memory. It also steps up to 70 lumens of brightness running on DC battery power, or 100 lumens running on AC power.

Resolution is 854 by 480, and the contrast ratio is 1,000:1.

The PPX3610 (shipping in January at $549) steps up with the addition of a full Android 2.3 OS with access to additional apps, and up to 300 lumens of brightness. An app for iOS and Android smartphones enables air-mouse-like interactivity with the projector’s onscreen menu. It also ships with a dedicated IR remote control.

To support the PPX3410 and PPX3610 projectors, Philips also added an optional bottomconnected Sound Station (PPA7300) that increases sound power with an additional watt and boosts the projector’s onboard battery power by an additional two hours.

P&F USA is also showing a prototype ultrashort- throw projector that casts a 50-inch screen size positioned just 4 inches from a wall or screen. The DLP unit offer 720p resolution and 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and it has a 30,000- hour LED light source. It includes an Android 4.3 media player platform, and Wi-Fi, DLNA and MiraCast functionality.