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Philips Triples iPod-Docking Audio Systems

New York — Philips is tripling its selection of iPod-docking home audio systems to 15 SKUs from the five announced at International CES, launching its first Bluetooth-equipped audio systems, and offering its first iPod dock with two-way ZigBee-technology RF remote.

In MP3 players, the company unveiled its first two video-capable flash-memory models with 3.5-inch screens, one of which is the company’s first MP3 player with embedded 8GB flash memory.

The announcements were made here at a press preview.

At CES, the company unveiled three 5.1-channel home theater systems with iPod dock, a one-piece virtual-surround sound bar with iPod dock for flat-screen TVs, and a wireless multizone shelf systems with hard disk drive and optional iPod dock. All of the systems also mated with Philips-brand GoGear MP3 players.

The latest round of iPod-docking systems, most of which don’t dock with GoGear players, include:

  • the company’s first iPod-docking undercabinet TV/DVD player at a suggested $399;
  • its first iPod docking clock radio at a suggested $79.99;
  • a $199 three-piece music system with wireless Bluetooth iPod dock that can be placed in a convenient location up to 30 feet from the system’s main chassis and speakers; and
  • the company’s first boombox with integrated iPod dock.

With the introductions, the company is also expanding its selection of audio systems with USB ports to play MP3/WMA files stored on USB flash-memory drives and flash-memory MP3 players. Some models also feature SD/MMC card slots to play stored music.

Product highlights include the BTM-630 one-piece music system with MP3-CD player, integrated iPod dock and Bluetooth to play music stored on a cellphone. The system also acts as a hand-free speakerphone that display’s a phone’s caller ID. The 630 also features USB port and SD/MMC slot, and it burns MP3 and WMA files to CD from USB drives and memory cards. That feature is intended for consumers with legacy MP3/WMA-CD players that lack iPod interfaces, USB ports and memory-card slots.

An iPod-docking three-piece system is the $199-suggested BTM-628, a vertically oriented system with most of the same features as the 630 except for CD burning. It adds a Bluetooth-equipped iPod dock for convenient placement.

The undercabinet system is the $399-suggested DCD-778 with AM/FM tuner, DVD player, QUAM/ATSC TV tuner, 8.5-inch LCD screen, flip-down iPod dock and ability to display iPod videos.

The $79.99 HA-300 clock radio with integrated iPod/GoGear dock is compact but features stereo speakers.

The stand-alone SJM3151 iPod dock can be mated with any A/V system and features a two-way ZigBee RF remote with LCD screen that displays the iPod’s menu. It’s designed to simplify iPod-song selection when a consumer isn’t close to the dock.

Another audio system, the $199 MCM-704D, is a one-piece unit with wired iPod dock, MP3/WMA-CD player, USB port but no memory card slot.
Philips also unveiled