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Philips Parcels Off Euro TV Business

Amsterdam –


reportedly selling off 70 percent of its European TV operations to Hong
Kong-based TV and PC monitor manufacturer TPV to help curb profit declines.

Under the plan, the company’s TV operations will be run as a
30/70 joint venture with TPV, with Philips keeping the option of selling off the
remaining 30 percent to TPV at a later date, according to a report from
Reuters, Monday.

Philips previously licensed off the use of the Philips and
Magnavox TV brands in the U.S. to Japan-based Funai. It currently licenses the
brand to TPV in China and Videocom in India.

The decision was made by new company CEO Frans van Houten, who is
in the process of accessing profitability of the company’s more than 400

All 3,600 employees at the TV business will transfer to the Hong
Kong company.

Philips said TPV will purchase the 70 percent shares in the joint
venture for a deferred purchase price, equal to four times the joint venture’s
EBIT over the years 2012 until the year Philips exercises its right to receive
the purchase price.

Philips also has an option to sell the remaining 30 percent stake
to TPV for the same terms after six years.