Philips Offers New UI For Pronto Controls

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Leuven, Belgium -- Philips Pronto has launched new user interface (UI) options for the company's line of remote controls.

The new interfaces mimic the dashboard and design elements of some popular sports cars, according to the company, allowing custom installers to configure and personalize user UI on Pronto controllers.

Five themes have been created, each modeled after a different brand of sports car. The UI includes various templates for commonly used control activities like multi-room lighting control, as well as HVAC and shade control. Two-way control is also possible for tuners and the HVAC system.

The new interfaces mirror that of the car each one is trying to replicate. For instance, a user hitting the start button will hear a roaring engine while the macro is executing. The car logo on the home page allows instant access to the Pronto's panel system settings and the battery gauge and Wi-Fi signal strength are redesigned to look like the car's gas gauges.

Transport activities on the controller have been designed to look like a speed needle and have several positions corresponding to different functions, and different activities feature different background images of the same car. For example, the car's headlights control the room's lighting control and the car's dashboard radio controls the room's audio. Multi-room user interfaces are implemented in the lighting and HVAC control activities by using the rotary wheel to scroll through different rooms.

The new user interfaces are currently available for Pronto's TSU9400, TSU9600 and TSU9800 and are available from the Pronto Professional website -- for authorized Pronto dealers only. Dealers should contact their sales representative to obtain access to the password-protected file/site.


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