Philips Intros O'Neill Headphones


New York - Philips announced a line of a new headphones today that are geared toward the younger consumer and feature construction inspired by designer O'Neill.

The O'Neill line consists of four models: two over-ear and two in-ear headphones. All retail for less than $99.99.

The top of the line, at $99.99, are the over-ear Stretch headphones. Featuring a "flexible and tough" cushioned headband, the pair have a design that keep in line with O'Neill's wetsuits. Other elements include 40mm drivers, neoprene padding, a tangle-free cable and noise-isolating ear cushions.    

The over-ear, "street art and digital media"-inspired Snugs headphones also have 400mm drivers, but they will retail for $59.99. Features include tangle-free cable, reinforced connectors and noise-isolating ear cushions.

The Covert in-ear headphones ($49.99) have 13mm drivers, in-line control and microphone, and noise-isolating soft caps, while the Specked headphones ($29.99) have 9mm drivers, tangle-free cable and colored silicon sleeves.

All of the headphones will be available in September.


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