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Philips, Gracenote Expand Fingerprinting Deal

Emeryville, Calif. — Gracenote and Philips said Friday they have expanded their existing relationship to combine their respective content fingerprinting technologies to produce advanced solutions for video and audio content filtering and monetization.

The companies said Philips will contribute its video fingerprinting technology while Gracenote contributes its audio fingerprinting technologies, to produce a system that will help content owners and service providers control the use of copyrighted content across multiple platforms. The hybrid system will help content owners “identify copyrighted content making its way across computers and mobile phones around the world,” the companies said.

The two companies originally began their collaboration in 2004, when Philips audio fingerprinting technology was combined with Gracenote’s global database and network services to produce one of the largest audio fingerprinting solutions in the world.

That system is currently in use by Sony Ericsson’s TrackID service for mobile consumers, Nielsen’s Broadcast Data Service music monitoring solution, and Snocap’s digital music licensing and copyright management platform.

“By combining the Philips’ video fingerprinting system with Gracenote’s market leading technology, network services capabilities and global customer base, we’re developing a complete solution for video identification, enrichment, and discovery for consumer applications, along with tracking, filtering and monetization solutions for content owners,” said Craig Palmer, CEO, Gracenote. “This comprehensive system and our database expertise in the market will be essential for any customer wanting to capitalize on the vast opportunities posed by digital video.”

“This announcement is a logical next step in our successful cooperation with Gracenote over the past years,” said Alex Terpstra, CEO, Philips Content Identification. “Our media customers are now able to enjoy the world’s first complete and reputable offering of audio and video, fingerprinting and watermarking technologies, four major corner stones under our MediaHedge content tracking, filtering and monetization service platform.”