Philips & Funai Add 3D Blu-ray Players To HTiBs

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Philips & Funai is launching its first Philips-brand home theater in a box (HTiB) systems with 3D Blu-ray players during International CES this week.

The company is also expanding the selection of streaming services available through its HTiBs, and adding Wi-Fi to more models, some of which are DLNA-certified.

Select models will also be the company’s first to offer Media Connect technology and Philips’ first app platform, called Net Apps. The top model will be the company’s first with stereo Bluetooth streaming.

All models feature Blu-ray players and 5.1 speaker systems.

Under the Philips brand, the Atlanta- based Funai Electric subsidiary will offer five new HTiBs, three of which feature 3D at suggested retails from $299 to $449. Wi-Fi appears in four models starting at $269, all with Wi-Fi a/b/g/n.

In streaming services, the company at last year’s CES launched vTuner Internet radio and the NetFlix moviestreaming service, and this year the company is expanding the content selection to add CinemaNow, Vudu and Blockbuster. All services are available in all five models down to a suggested $249.

In other advances, the company is incorporating its wireless Media Connect technology into HTiBs for the first time. The top two models at $429 and $349 use the technology to enable a PC to display the exact images of a wirelessly connected PC to an HTiBconnected TV. The TV screen duplicates exactly what appears on the PC screen, including Web browsing sessions, PowerPoint presentations and the like. The technology was launched last year in select LCD TVs and a Bluray player.

The company’s NetApps platform will appear in four models starting at $269.

The lineup starts with the $249 HTS3006 with Blu-ray player and A/V streaming. The step-up $269 HTS3306 adds Wi-Fi, and the $299 HTS3506 adds 3D Blu-ray and Philips’ NetApps platform.

At $349, the HTS5506 adds Media Connect, DLNA certification, and ability to turn the surround speakers into wireless speakers with the purchase of an optional wireless kit.

The top-end $429 HTS7506 adds stereo Bluetooth and standard wireless surround speakers.


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