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Philips Adds 2 Flat Panels

Long Beach, Calif. – In time for the holidays, Philips introduced two large-screen flat-panel TV sets, a 47W-inch 1080p LCD TV and a 63W-inch 768p plasma set.

The TVs were unveiled at the Electronic Home Expo, here, and are marketed under the Philips brand.

The 47W-inch 47PF9441D will carry a $2,999 suggested retail price when it ships in December. The 63W-inch 63PF9631D is shipping now at $5,999.

Both sets include Philips’ PixelPlus 3HD video processing circuitry that enhances signals, including high-definition and DVDs. Pixels of an incoming picture are altered to match surrounding pixels in a scene. The effect is said to deliver natural looking skin tones, colors and details.

Additional, the flat-panel sets offer new styling designs with high-gloss piano black finishes.

The 47PF9441D also features Virtual Dolby Digital surround sound.