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Phase Focus At CEDIA Expo: Small Speakers

Fla. – Small size will be one of the themes that Phase Technology will promote
at September’s CEDIA Expo, where it will launch small in-room home theater
speakers and a series of 3-inch speakers for custom-install applications.

The company, meantime, shipped its first
wireless subwoofers, shown at last year’s CEDIA Expo.

The new 3-inch speakers come in four
configurations for bringing sound to kitchen backsplashes, stairs, patio areas
or home offices, the company said. The selection include a surface-mount model,
a square in-wall model, a round in-ceiling speaker, and a model that fits in a
standard double-gang box or mud ring.

The SPF-15 surface-mount speaker features a
3-inch polypropylene full-range driver with butyl rubber surround and aimable
mounting system. The mounting system rotates up to 90 degrees and connects to a
wall plate that swivels 173 degrees in both directions. No speaker wires are
visible because all wires connect at the speaker’s wall-plate back box. The
components are also weatherized for indoor or outdoor use. It’s available in
black or white with optional custom paint. A 70-volt transformer option is also
available for long speaker runs.

The CI 1.5 3-inch speaker is a round in-ceiling
speaker with shallow 3.75-inch backcan and paintable black or white grille.
Components are weatherized for indoor or outdoor uses. A 70-100-volt
transformer is included for long speaker runs.

The 3-inch CI 15 square in-wall speaker comes
with 3.75-inch backcan, square paintable grille in black or white, an optional
theft-resistant stainless grille, and included 70-100-volt transformer.

The fourth 3-inch speaker, the CI-MM3-II, fits
in a standard double gang box or mud ring for installation in kitchens, foyers,
bathrooms and hallways. It comes with snap-on paintable grille. Prices weren’t

The small-size in-room home-theater speakers are
part of the CineMicro One 5.1 package, which consists of four satellite
speakers, a dual-woofer center channel speaker, and an 8-inch long-throw sub in
all-wood enclosures. Additional speakers can be purchased to expand the package
into a 6.1-, 7.1- or 7.2-channel system.

 The satellite
speakers measure 6.5 by 5 by 4.5 inches. The center speaker is 10.5 by 4.5 by
4.75 inches, and the sub is 15 by 12.5 by 11 inches.

The satellite and center speakers, which each
deliver 100-watt power handling capacity, are finished in high-gloss
hand-polished piano-black finish. The satellites and center can be wall-mounted
or placed on a shelf. All incorporate Phase’s Absolute Phase crossover networks
to deliver what the company called superior vertical and horizontal off-axis
performance. Pricing wasn’t available.

“The CineMicro One was designed and engineered
with sound quality that belies its size as the top priority,” said Duke Ducoff,
sales VP of Phase parent MSE Audio Group.

The three wireless subs in the PC SUB WL series,
now shipping, are 8-, 10- and 12-inch models, all described as compact with
downward-firing active woofer and front-firing passive radiator in a curved
cabinet that reduces distortion caused by from standing waves. The
long-excursion woofer and radiator provide peak-to-peak motion up to 2.5

Each sub incorporates built-in 2.4GHz wireless
receiver that receives low-bass signals from a small transmitter attached to
the sub out of a sound system. Audio is transmitted in digitally uncompressed
form. Standard RCA terminals are provided for a wired connection. Pricing
wasn’t available.