Pharos Offers Free Swap-out Of PND Phone

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Torrance, Calif. -


is offering free replacements to purchasers of its

Traveler 137

PND smartphone to take care of several problems, the company said.

The company said the replacements, which will be shipped free, will improve power management and resolve a problem in which the power button in early-production models might wear out after three to four months of use.

Referring to the power-button issue, a spokesman said some units would occasionally require a soft boot or battery removal before they would turn on after being on the charger overnight. The button would then operate normally for days or weeks at a time, he said.

 Referring to the power-management issue, he said the issue varied by individual unit, but on some cases, the battery-life icon would show a 100 percent charge after a day of use.

In making the swap, the company will also upgrade the user's operating system to Windows Mobile 6.5. Early models shipped with Windows Mobile 6.1. Later versions came with Windows Mobile 6.5.

"It's true that Pharos is a very small player compared to the big names in the smartphone business," a spokesman said, "but maybe the way they treat their customers shows that it can be better to deal with a small outfit that cases."

The 3G GSM/HSPA full-touchscreen phone was launched in mid-2009 as the company's first 3G PND smartphone. It was available initially as an unsubsidized unlocked model through online dealers and directly from Pharos. Pharos also sold the phone at a subsidized price when activated on the T-Mobile network.

Earlier this year, carrier

Cincinnati Bell

began offering the phone with Windows Mobile 6.5 OS through select carrier-owned stores and the carrier's business channels at $249 with required data plan and two-year service contract. The phone operates in Cincinnati's Bell's tri-band 1.7/1.9/2.1GHz HSPA network and in GSM/EDGE mode in four bands for U.S and international use.

The 4.6-inch by 2.4-inch phone is Pharos's third-generation smartphone/PND phone.


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