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P&F Unveils Philips LED LCD TVs

P&F USA will use its booth in the Renaissance Hotel at International CES, adjoining the LVCC, to unveil 20 new LCD TV models across seven model series, including the first LED-edge-lit offerings under the Philips brand.

All TV models this year have been designed for improved energy efficiency, with most models complying with Energy Star 4.0 guidelines, said Todd Richardson, P&F USA sales and marketing senior VP/general manager. To achieve this, Philips sets at a minimum include ambient light sensors and proprietary adjustments.

The entry 3505 series will feature Pixel Plus HD image processing with overdrive artifact reduction, 768p/60Hz resolution, USB input, PC input, CEC EasyLink integrated system remote control, settings assistant and Energy Star 4.0 compliance. Three HDMI inputs will be offered in the 32 inch model; two will be available in the smaller sizes. Screen sizes include 19, 22, 32 and 40 inches. Pricing on all new products will be announced later.

The step-up 3705 series will put greater emphasis on 120Hz motion processing this year, moving from 60Hz to 120Hz in the 40- and 46-inch screen sizes. In addition to the core features from the 3505 series, the 3705 models will add a new design with a flare element, invisible speakers and rounded corners, 1080p/120Hz resolution and four HDMI inputs.

The 4505 series will include the 19-, 22- and 32-inch screen sizes, and will step up to LED edge-lighting and a Perfect Pixel HD Engine image processing system.

The 19-inch models will offer 768/60Hz resolution, while the 22- and 32-inch models will offer 1080p/60Hz resolution. Also included in the models is a new design with a thin bezel and 1.5-inch panel depth, Perfect Natural Motion basic level fast-motion processing, three HDMI inputs, PC input, SRS Surround Sound HD, CEC EasyLink remote, a swivel base, settings assistant and Energy Star 4.0.

The 5505 series features CCFL, Philips’ Pixel Precise image processing technology, 1080/240Hz resolution with HD Natural Motion, DLNA compliance, four HDMI inputs, USB inputs, PC input, SRS Surround, CEC EasyLink, swivel base, settings assistant and a 20 percent thinner form factor than 3000 series models. Screen sizes include 40, 46 and 55-inches.

The 5705 series offers the same screen sizes and core features as the 5505 plus IP connectivity to receive Internet radio stations, and video-on-demand (VOD) services including Netflix streaming and Blockbuster Video on Demand (formerly Sonic/CinemaNow).

The 7505 series includes the 40-, 46- and 55-inch screen sizes and has LED edge lighting, a new design with a 1.5-inch panel depth and narrow bezel, Perfect Pixel HD engine image processing, DLNA compliance, 120Hz Perfect Natural Motion, four HDMI inputs, USB, PC input, DiVX support, SRS Surround Sound, CEC EasyLink, swivel base, settings assistant and Energy Star 4.0.

The top-of-the-line 7705 series will also include the 40-, 46- and 55-inch screen sizes with the same core features as the 7505 series, plus IP service with a bundled dongle for Wi-Fi connectivity. The system will receive Netflix and Blockbuster streaming VOD services plus Internet radio capability.

In Blu-ray Disc players, P&F will offer three series of Philips-branded models; everything will have a minimum of profile 2.0 (BD-Live) compliance.

The Philips 3010 will feature core-level features plus a new slimmer design that is in line with Philips 3505 and 3705 TVs.

The Philips 5320 product will offer the same core features plus IP VOD capability with services from Netflix and Blockbuster, delivered through an Ethernet port.

The 7320 series will add to the features of the 5320 a bundled Wi-Fi dongle and a design style to match the Philips 7505/7705 TVs.