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P&F Sets Add Tag Video Gaming

New York –


revealed Wednesday its Philips-branded 4000 and 5000 series LCD TVs with
MediaConnect technology will incorporate online Tag Games from cloud network
provider ActiveVideo Networks.

At launch, set purchasers will be able to play 13 different games
— including Sudoku, Club 21, Mummy Maze or High Stakes Hold ‘Em — on the TV
by themselves, or with others both in the home or playing miles away on other
connected devices. The company said the sets may be updated with additional
games and apps over time.

 Sets with Philips’
MediaConnect, allow wirelessly connecting a PC to access a variety of online
and stored media content ranging from streaming movies, photos, documents, and videos,
to social networking and other experiences.

“Consumers want to do more than just watch TV, and the addition
of Tag Games affirms our commitment to creating the ultimate entertainment
experience for consumers,” said Todd Richardson, P&F sales and marketing senior
VP. “Our MediaConnect option leads the way as the only solution on the market
that delivers a simple, integrated solution allowing consumers to access all
their PC content without boundaries.”

The sets use the ActiveVideo Networks cloud service to access a
host of apps and services including Vudu and Facebook via the wireless PC link.
Users can also navigate anywhere on the internet through the TV screen.

In addition to gaming, Philips TVs feature NetTV, which instantly
connects consumers wirelessly to such services as Netflix, Vudu, Facebook, Film
Fresh, Pandora, Twitter and more.

A V-tuner Internet radio app offers the ability to tune into a
host of worldwide radio broadcasts.