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Petricone Given Lobbyists’ Distinction

Arlington, Va. – Michael Petricone, the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) government affairs senior VP, has been named named one of Association TRENDS’ 2012 leading association lobbyists, the CEA announced Monday.

Petricone was one of four association lobbyists nominated to the TRENDS’ list by peers and colleagues.  

“We are thrilled to have CEA’s own Michael Petricone recognized by Association TRENDS for his lobbying efforts,” said Gary Shapiro, CEA president and CEO. “As an innovation crusader, his strong leadership has been instrumental in impacting legislation that affects the tech community. His passion for technology issues is infectious and inspiring to CEA members, fellow employees, regulatory officials and Capitol Hill lawmakers.”

According to a statement from TRENDS: “Petricone is the leading lobbyist for CEA. He was an outspoken voice against the recent Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act. The 2012 International CES show ‘became a virtual war room’ against SOPA and PIPA, bringing together the nation’s top tech talent and leading lawmakers and decision makers. Petricone helped lead the charge for the allocation of additional spectrum for wireless devices. After years of effort, Congress passed a law allowing the auction of unused broadcast spectrum. To promote the startup economy, Petricone and CEA pushed hard for the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. In March, a bipartisan congressional majority passed the JOBS Act. He also helped plan a Startup Day on the Capitol Hill featuring immigrant entrepreneurs telling their stories to members of Congress.”

“It’s an honor, but this award also reflects the excellent work done by the CEA government affairs team in coordination with our member companies over the last year and our victories on spectrum, SOPA/PIPA, trade, and other issues,” said Petricone.