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Pentax Launches Facebook App

Golden, Colo. —

Pentax Imaging

unveiled Tuesday a virtual mud fight app for Facebook users, designed to
promote the Optio W90 weatherproof camera.

Facebook members who play the

Pentax Optio W90 Mudfight  Challenge

,  can become eligible to win a $400 American
Express gift card.

Participation is limited to current Facebook members, and sign-up
is free, Pentax said.

Once loaded, the Mudfight Challenge app randomly helps players
select five Facebook friends.  Users
access a computer mouse to target the crosshair as friends pop up

Every hit drives up the score and helps players ascend to higher
levels of play while top scores are recorded on a leaderboard.

Facebookers are entered into the sweepstakes each time they play,
and may enter up to 50 times per day.

The game was developed as a way to communicate the weather-proof,
dirt-proof capabilities of the Pentax Optio W90. 

The app is said to be one of several consumer marketing
initiatives to promote the camera leveraging popular social networks.

Pentax Imaging launched

about one year
ago.  More than 20,000 (and growing)
Facebookers indicate they “like” the site on the home page, Pentax said. 

“There is no longer one right way to engage consumers,” said Ned
Bunnell, president, Pentax Imaging. “This comprehensive campaign, designed by
The1stMovement, our recently selected digital advertising agency of record,
uses a combination of interactive and social media components to help us build
stronger relationships with more customers.”

 “Providing engagement with
the Pentax brand through a social media game is a natural extension of the
Optio W90 initiative,” said Ann Van Orsdel, The1stMovement president. “Reaching
our audience where they spend their time, helps reinforce our product message
and key benefits in a way that is both fun and relevant.”

Along with Mudfight, Pentax and The1stMovement recently unveiled
“The Most Adventurous Friend You Know” (TMAFYK) campaign for the Optio W90 that

  • Home page animated
    flash enhancements at to communicate the features of the
    Optio W90 and all of the latest Pentax digital cameras.

  • Digital and
    traditional billboards and train wraps posted in downtown Minneapolis near the
    TWINS Stadium on the cusp of the holiday shopping season.

  • Targeted online
    integrated, taunting rich media banner ads that feature the Optio W90 and TMAFYK
    encouraging viewers to create an adventure of their own and step outside their
    comfort zone.

  • The leveraging of a
    variety of social media advertisements and a targeted pay-per-click campaign.