Peerless-AV Ceases CRT Mounts


Aurora, Ill. - Peerless-AV announced that it will discontinue manufacturing mounts for CRT TVs by the end of this year.

"Many of the existing CRT TVs in the commercial marketplace have been replaced with flat-panel displays, and virtually all new installations are using flat panels," said Mike Campagna, president and COO of Peerless-AV, in a statement.  "Until now, we continued to support the few customers that still conducted business in this niche, but it's become clear it's no longer viable."

Peerless-AV said it was one of the only mount manufacturers left that produced CRT TV mounts. "We continued to support customers who worked with these TVs until now, but we all realize we need to close the chapter on CRT TV mounts as none are being installed in commercial settings any longer," Campagna added.


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