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Peel App Broadens 2nd Screen Distribution

Mountain View, Calif. – Second-screen app developer Peel Technologies joined with Samsung Electronics Thursday to reveal that the Peel app now ranks as the most widely distributed second-screen app in the world, with distribution in over 20 countries.

In addition to North America, The app is now available across Europe and Southeast Asia, Peel said. Samsung joined the announcement to say that users of Samsung Tablets are now able to use the pre-installed Peel app to search, discover and play TV shows.

Peel provides easy-to-navigate visual TV listings that goes beyond the traditional on-screen grid.

Viewers can designate shows as favorites or ban them from view altogether as they tailor Peel’s TV recommendations to suit their preferences. The app can also be used as a remote control, to set alarms to avoid missing an episode of a favorite show, or to share what’s being watched with a friends on a social network.