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Peachtree Audio Dives Into Bluetooth Speakers

Bellevue, Wash. – Component-audio supplier Peachtree Audio has expanded into all-in-one tabletop speakers with the launch of the three-way Bluetooth-equipped deepblue at $399.

 Peachtree, which launched in 2007, isn’t new to the market for products that connect to such new music sources as PCs, smartphones and tablets. “We were one of the first to build a USB DAC into an integrated amplifier, a big deal in 2007, and spent a lot of time training independent dealers how to be involved in computer audio,” said training director Jonathan Derda. The company has also offered 30-pin Apple docks built into some of its DACs and integrated amplifiers but discontinued those products when Apple dropped the 30-pin connector for a smaller Lightning connector. 

 “Deepblue is our first all-in-one powered speaker and first product to have any kind of wireless technology built-in,” he said. Using Bluetooth “allowed us to price deepblue for only $399, making it very competitive sound quality wise with wireless speakers that use other technology and that retail for twice the price.” The company “wanted to lower the cost of entry to owning a Peachtree Audio system to a point that non-audiophiles will look to our brand as an attainable step-up from mass market products,” he added. 

 The 8 inch by 15.75 inch by 6.5 inch product will be available in June through select retailers.

 Features include 240-watt five-channel amplifier, frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz,  and sealed elliptical enclosure containing five drivers, including a 6.5-inch bass driver, two 3-inch mid-range drivers, and two 1-inch soft-dome tweeters. The speaker also incorporates a digital signal processor that adjusts frequency response to deliver balanced frequency response at any volume. It also features 3.5mm aux in.