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PCs Losing Out To Tablets

Port Washington, N.Y. – Tablet PC owners are finding it easy and
satisfying to transfer their computer tasks to these portable devices from
their PC, according to a study from The NPD Group.

This consumer movement means PC vendors need to develop and ship
tablet PCs along with their other computer offerings.

“PC makers must have a tablet to complement their existing PC
lines and encourage usage between the two devices so that consumers don’t
abandon one for the other,” said

Stephen Baker

, industry
analysis VP at The NPD Group, “With so many manufacturers getting into the
tablet game, we need to make sure consumers  understand the capabilities
of these devices and how to make them co-exist with each other, as well as with
the devices they currently own.”

The NPD study found 68 percent of tablet owners were satisfied
with the Internet experience delivered by their tablet, 67 percent content with
the email experience, and 60 percent satisfied with the tablet’s social-networking

The same study also looked at how smartphone owners felt about
these products. Results were somewhat lower, with 49 percent giving a thumbs-up
for social networking and 42 percent satisfied with the smartphone’s ability to
browse the web.

The survey was comprised of 2,400 U.S. consumers polled in
December 2010.