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PCs Dominate Online Video Viewing

Port Washington, N.Y. – While viewing online content has risen in popularity, most people prefer to do so via a computer despite the penetration of Internet connected TVs.

Although using a TV for this activity is growing, particularly in countries where the domestic broadcast content is found wanting.

The NPD Group’s Connected TV Study: Features, Content and Usage found online content is mostly viewed on desktop and laptop computers, although more people are turning to their TV. About 25 percent of those surveyed viewed online content on their TV at least a few times each week.

Overall, about 48 percent of Americans use a laptop to watch online content with slightly fewer doing so on a desktop.

The most popular items viewed online are movies and previously run broadcast television shows, essentially using the online content as a DVR to view programming they were unable to watch in real time.

Of those who do not watch online content on a TV 44 percent indicated they had no desire to do so, while another 30 percent said they did not have the proper equipment to view online content. However, 33 percent of these people said they would be interested to do so if their TV could connect to the web.