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PCD Selling Cellular Accessories Direct To Consumer

Hauppauge, N.Y. — Personal Communications Devices (PCD) launched a direct-to-consumer website,, to make it easier for consumers to find accessories designed for lower volume handset brands.

The company is also offering its online store on a white-label basis to carriers that want to support their customers with accessories but don’t want to tie up shelf space in their brick-and-mortar stores. PCD will manage inventory for the carriers, ship the accessories to the consumer, and share revenue with the carrier.

Accessories for higher volume cellphone brands such as Apple and Samsung “take up the most peg space” in carrier stores and indirect retail stores, said CMO Katie Wasserman.

Besides aiding consumers and carriers, the PCD site and the carrier-branded sites will support the handset brands for which PCD provides marketing and logistics services, said Billy Crotty, GM of PCD’s accessories strategic business unit. Supported PCD brands will include Casio, HTC, Pantech, and Alcatel OneTouch, but the site also offers accessories for Samsung and Apple phones too.

In-box literature will inform handset purchasers that they can go to one of PCD’s carrier-branded sites, Crotty noted. The web site stocks third-party accessories as well as PCD-designed accessories.

Wasserman noted that carrier stores are devoting less space to accessories as their stores become more “experiential.”

“ represents a new strategic emphasis for PCD and is a significant expansion into our direct-to-consumer capabilities,” said president/CEO George Appling. “The new site gives consumers easy access to accessories for products from our OEM partners, such as HTC, Pantech and Alcatel.”

The range of products includes power, audio, and fashion accessories such as wired and wireless headsets, portable batteries, shells, plastic cases and screen protectors. The site will also offer carrier-branded lifestyle and health products, including a heart monitor and a pedometer, and a home monitoring system that features LTE gateways with extenders, cameras and other devices to monitor the user’s home and appliances while away.

“PCD’s strong long-term relationships with our OEMs and carrier partners allow us to offer these often-overlooked products and services,” added Crotty.