PCD Gets Sprint Role

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Hauppauge, N.Y. - Sprint has tapped

Personal Communications Devices

(PCD) to manage its relationships with tier-two and tier-three vendors, consolidating vendor management for the carrier.

 In its new role, PCD said it "will assist Sprint in developing new products and support numerous vendors throughout the globe."  PCD will also manage the supply chain, which includes forward and reverse logistics, and issue purchase orders based on Sprint forecasts.

  The relationship will save Sprint time and money, said PCD president/CEO Philip Christopher.  Current and future Sprint suppliers "will benefit from our 25-plus years of experience as we guide them through certification, quality control, factory audits and field testing in preparation for product launch," he said.

 PCD also handles marketing and distribution functions for multiple handset vendors and "

executes like a manufacturer

," the company has said.


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