PCD Device To Stream A/V From iPods To TV


Hauppauge, N.Y. -

Personal Communications Devices

(PCD), which markets cellphones and other wireless devices and accessories to carriers, will go to International CES to launch an accessory that streams audio and video content wirelessly from an iPod, iPhone or iPad to a TV.


The accessory, called


, uses proprietary wireless technology to stream stored content in real time to a compact receiver that connects to a TV via component-video cables. The receiver, small enough to be portable, enables groups of people to view stored movies, home videos, photo slideshows, business presentations and the like on a big screen.

To stream from the Apple devices directly to the receiver, users add a dongle to their Apple device.

Pricing and ship dates will be revealed at CES.

Bigstream supports numerous native Apple apps and third-party apps as long as the app is coded to allow output to a TV. Supported native apps include YouTube and user-generated videos and photos. Supported third-party apps include Netflix, Keynote, Chopper 2, and Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket To Go.

Said PCD chief marking officer Joe Cufari, "Bigstream allows everyone in the room to enjoy content without the need to huddle around the host device."


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