PCD, Axesstel Connect Home Phones To Cellular Network

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Hauppauge, N.Y. -


(Personal Communications Devices) teamed up with Axesstel to launch a wireline-replacement device that connects home and business phones to Sprint's cellular network and delivers unlimited local and long-distance domestic calling for $19.99/month.

The device, manufactured by Axesstel and distributed by PCD, is available for free at Sprint Stores, online at


, Sprint's telesales operation, Sprint's business channel, and select third-party dealers with a two-year service agreement on the $19.99 per month, excluding taxes and surcharges.

The fixed-wireless voice terminal is compatible with most conventional corded and cordless phones, PCD said. If a cordless phone supports more than one handset, users need only plug the phone's main base station into the terminal to connect all cordless handsets to the Sprint network. Digital phones for use with PBX systems, however, might not be compatible.

Users can keep their existing home or office phone number or activate a new one. Service charges can be added to a user's existing Sprint cellular bill.

Features include 800/1900MHz CDMA operation, caller ID, call holding, three-way calling, two RJ-11 ports to support two corded phones, voicemail notification and assisted-GPS/911 location.


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