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Pat Lavelle: Voxx Continues To Reinvent Itself

Voxx International, under president/CEO Pat Lavelle, continued to remake itself in 2014.

The company is leveraging new brands and marketing alliances to expand sales, has become the first — or among the first — to bring new technology to the consumer market, and continues to transform itself from an importing/distribution company to one that generates 35 to 40 percent of its revenues from products that it makes.

Those products include antennas and digital tuners via its 2012 purchase of Hirschmann, rear-seat entertainment systems, audio systems and remote starts for automakers, and some high-end premium audio systems under the Klipsch brand, which was part of Voxxs purchase of the Klipsch Group in 2011.

Voxx’s changes were on prominent display in 2014 when it became the first company to offer a consumer iris scanner to prevent the theft of online users’ identities and make it more convenient to access password-protected sites. Voxx invested in EyeLock, the product’s developer, and has exclusive retail distribution rights in the U.S. and Europe.

Voxx will be among the first companies offering 360-degree videocameras, due early next year through an exclusive arrangement with a group from Carnegie Melon University. The 360Fly and 360 Micro Fly will be available exclusively from Voxx.

Also in 2014, the company struck up a partnership with DUB magazine to expand its car audio customer base. Under its Jensen brand, Voxx is offering Jensen DUB Edition line of car audio amps, speakers and subwoofers targeted to urban youth. Their cosmetics were designed by DUB magazine. The products also participate in DUB magazine events, including custom car showcases and the national DUB Show Tour. They will also appear in DUB magazine ads, DUB TV shows, and in DUB’s online and social-media channels.

Just two years ago, Voxx created a new audio brand, 808, to appeal to hip hop and electronic dance music enthusiasts.

Voxx is the offspring of a company founded in 1960 by John Shalam to sell car radios to new-car dealers.