Parrot Intros CD-Less Car Radio


Southfield, Mich. - Parrot will debut this month an in-dash car radio with a docking compartment for an iPhone or iPod.

The "mechless" radio (without a CD mechanism) integrates with an iPhone/iPod, which docks behind the radio faceplate that is removable and replaceable by a simple magnetized connection.

The unit charges the iPhone/iPod and plays back music through the car sound system.


The Parrot RKi8400 also has built-in stereo Bluetooth, a USB port and an SD card reader.  It uses a 2.4-inch color LCD TFT screen and a large dial for scrolling through album art and playlists.  When the cellphone rings, the system automatically switches to hands-free mode.

The single-DIN RKi8400 also offers Bluetooth calling features, such as voice recognition and automatic synchronization of names in a phonebook, without the need for voice training.  It is compatible with "all Bluetooth mobile phone brands available on the market," said Kelly Zachos, marketing director for North America. 

The RLi8400, $399, will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this month and will ship in November.  It is Made for iPod and Works with iPhone certified.


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