Parks Study Quantifies Internet Radio Listenership

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Dallas - Internet radio listening spread to 39 percent of all U.S. broadband households by early 2011, and smartphones account for a significant portion of their Internet radio listening, a Parks Associates survey found.

Among the adult Internet radio listeners surveyed, 96 percent of respondents listen to Internet radio on a computer, 45 percent listen on a smartphone, and 15 percent listen on a tablet, Parks found.

The survey also found that a lot of Internet radio listeners listen a lot. Among listeners who listen via desktop or laptop PC, 23 percent listen for more than four hours a day. Among smartphone listeners, the percentage that listens for at least four hours is 16 percent, and among tablet users, the percentage is 25 percent.

The study defines Internet radio as including pure-play Internet radio stations as well as AM/FM broadcasts simulcast over the Internet.

Internet radio's rise has had "little effect on broadcast radio listening time," Parks also found. Among Internet radio listeners, 20 percent still listen to four or more hours of broadcast radio, and the other 80 percent listen to broadcast radio for a total of one to three hours.

Based on the survey, Parks also concluded that advertisers should complement broadcast-radio and web-site advertising with Internet radio advertising.

Survey results will be outlined today, June 9, during a free 1 p.m. CST webcast at


Results also appear in two whitepapers entitled Digital Audio Usage Trends: A Highly Engaged Listenership and Internet Radio Advertising Impact Study. They're available at


The survey was commissioned by TargetSpot, an Internet advertising network.


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