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Parasound Amp Targets AVR Obsolescence

San Francisco – Parasound
redesigned the flagship amplifier in its NewClassic series with a new
front-panel design and more than 60 improvements.

The improvements
include the addition of adjustable gain on each channel for compatibility with
the preamp outputs of any A/V receiver, Parasound said.

 The $2,850-suggested NewClassic 5250 v.2, like
its predecessor, is a THX Ultra 2-certified 5×250-watt amp. With adjustable
gain controls, however, the new model is positioned as a solution for
enthusiasts interested in mating a high-performance high-power amp with an A/V
receiver that features all of the latest home theater technologies, the company

The amp is for
home theater enthusiasts “who want great performance but worry about the cost
of updating a new top-of-the line surround receiver every few years to keep
pace with changing technology,” said president Richard Schram. “A
high quality and powerful amplifier will never really become obsolete.”

Instead of
spending $2,500 to $5,000 for a high-power surround receiver every time
receiver technology changes, he explained, consumers can spend $800 to $1,200
for a lower-powered A/V receiver that offers all of the same surround decoders
“and most of the same useful features,” then add on the Parasound amp to
improve performance.

 Like its predecessor, the new amp features
discrete power transistors, dual toroid power transformers, large storage
capacitors, delivery of current peak currents of 45 amps per channel, and
delivery of 385 watts per channel into 4-ohm loads.

 The predecessor had fixed gain at the THX
reference level, but the new model allows for independent +/- 10 dB gain
adjustment for each channel relative to the THX level. As a result, the new amp
can reach higher SPLs in very large rooms or when less sensitive speakers are