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Pandora Radio Debuts

Ferndale, Mich. —A $150 tabletop radio for Pandora’s Internet Radio service is now available and is the first to offer Pandora’s “thumbs up/thumbs down” controls.

The controls tell Pandora’s service whether a user dislikes a song so it can be deleted from his personalized

Internet radio station or whether he likes a song, so the next song served will be similar. The controls are on both the remote and the face of the unit, called the Livio Radio.

The radio operates without a direct connection to a PC via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

“Pandora’s listeners are increasingly using Pandora off of the PC, so we’re always looking for new products that make that easy to do,” said Jessica Steel, Pandora’s senior VP business development. “

The Livio Radio can also access other Internet Radio stations around the world through Reciva.

The radio will be sold only through and Livio radio, a start up based in Ferndale, MI, has no plans to sell the radio through retailers at this time.