Pandora Makes OEM Gains


Oakland, Calif. - Suzuki and Nissan plan to join 16 other automotive brands in launching Pandora's personalized Internet radio service in factory sound systems, the company announced.

 Pandora is expanding its OEM presence at the same time that it has expanded its aftermarket car audio presence. Aftermarket head-unit control of a Pandora app on connected smartphones is available from seven aftermarket suppliers, the company said.

 In its latest announcements, Pandora said its technology will be factory-installed in most 2013 model year Suzuki vehicles as part of a Garmin-made infotainment system. The first Suzuki vehicles are expected to be available at dealers beginning this fall.

 From Nissan, Pandora will be featured in the 2013 Altima, expected to be available at dealers beginning in the summer of 2012.

 In the Suzuki and Nissan vehicles, the audio systems will control a Pandora app running on a paired iPhone. The systems will support such Pandora functions as thumbs-up, thumbs-down and track skip.


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